Title Replicare
Subtitle For string quartet
Year 2016
Instrumentation String quartet
Duration ~ 8:00
Short Technical Description vl, vl, va, vc
Premiere 2016, January 1st
Premiere Details Galatea Quartet
Location Villa Streuli, Winterthur, Switzerland
Credits Galatea Quartet

The basic idea for this string quartet arose while observing a plant. Despite its filigree nature, it had made its way through very hard rock. Through the unbelievable strength it gathers in the division and multiplication of its smallest units, it had been able to unfold its peculiarity.

There are direct references to this source of inspiration in the string quartet in that I also treat the musical material from the perspective of resistance, pressure and subsequent expansion of various spaces, whereby I understand ” spaces ” again as an overarching term for functional assignments, pitches, sound, speed or other musical elements.

In the end, however, I am not interested in depicting the natural phenomenon described above, but in the metaphorical transformation of this model, which also stands for utopias concerning our society.

Replicare comes from Latin and means «to bend back», «to unfold», «to reciprocate».

Behind the scene — some pages of the manuscript

Sometimes the manuscript says more about the composition than the final score. In Replicare the manuscript represented nearly all important elements of the composition. The first five pages of the manuscript are represented as follows: