That’s like that kind of game where children don’t step on the tile lines because they are afraid of bad luck. Others call the same game (OCD) obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Title OCD
Year 2016
Duration 15’24''
Short Technical Description 2 channels, fixed media
Premiere 2016, July 12th
Premiere Details Broadcasted on Radio Picnic Bruxelles – residence for creative radio
Credits a collaboration with Valentina Pini
Publication Limited Edition Cassette + Digital Album, released October 22, 2016 by zonoff

From July 3th and July 12th 2016 Valentina Pini and & Micha Seidenberg were invited to be resident guests at Radio Picnic Bruxelles. Our only condition of stay was to leave a radio piece in some form.

OCD is the result of that collaborative work. The acronym stands for "obsessive compulsive disorder“. Most of us know them in some form. Often, for example, children are not "allowed" to stand on lines... Based on this idea, we developed little musical games. A short phrase about OCD is spoken at the beginning of the piece. It becomes both musical material and playground for our little ocd-like 'games' in which only certain syllables or consonants may be used. The games are interrupted by self-ironic reflections. This gamified sound piece is framed by a field recording of the Carillon du Mont des Arts, a famous carillon in the centre of Brussels.